Progress news

We are proud to present our next generation MTB hubs, Turbine NITRO

After almost 2 years R&D and a lot testing we’re proud to present our next generation hubs, TURBINE NITRO.

With the NITRO for MTB Cross country and All Mountain we’re looking to minimize the tradeoff between aerodynamics, lightweight and stiffness.

Big oversizer hub shell 40mm diameter made of CNC aluminum 7075T6 with, cartridge high precision low friction Japanese bearings, 3 cross straight pull design. 2:1 spoke pattern.

A very strong 15mm rear hub axle and aluminum cassette body with three pawl ratchet mechanism.

Cassette body can be changed from Shimano to SRAM XD system without other modifications.

Most current systems will be available also

BOOST 110 – 148, RS-1, LEFTY and LEFTY Super Max.



NITRO front hub 15x100: 116gr

NITRO BOOST 15x110 FOX: 120gr

NITRO RS1: 182gr

NITRO12x142 SRAM: 256gr

NITRO12x148 SHIMANO: 263gr


We foresee to release first Nitro hub’s in March.