High speed technology which was developed for time trail and Ironman now the SPACE is successfully worldwide race proven and tagged with gold medals and many podiums.

New Optimized rim design Air+Plus with improved aerodynamic efficiency. Lateral wind is no longer a problem anymore thanks to the new Air Plus U‐Shape rim design with 28mm external width. This allows the use of wider tires without negatively influence on the wind flow.

Lightweight construction for hard race courses.


Clincher & Tubular
AIR+PLUS Carbono Ultra High modulus fiber with High TG nano resin.
C.S.T Carbon stabilizer inside.
B.S.T Basalt brake surface.
UD matt finish with high resistant transfer graphics.

Profile: Profile: 88mm

External width: 28mm

Hubs: TURBINE NITRO Aluminium CNC Oversize Straight pull

SAPIM aero CX‐RAY Straight pull, 18F and 2:1 rear wheel Spoke Ratio 24 (18:6). 
Hand Built with alloy nipples and secure lock.

Quick release: PG-404
Colors: Available in matt Black/Black, Black/White, Black/Flash Yellow
Weight: Set Tubular: 1.650 gr

Set Clincher: 1.730 gr

Options: Shimano/Sram 10/11s free hub compatible
Campagnolo 10/11s free hub compatible
What is included?:

4 Spokes
Carbon Pro brake pads
Quick release
2 Warranty years + 1 Year rim Crash replacement

New Oversize hub body CNC made of AL7075 super lightweight. 3 cross straight pull for a stiffer wheel and better aerodynamic performance. Special Japanese cartridge bearings high precision and very low friction, bigger size for long lasting. 12mm CNC made Aluminium rear axle and free hub. Classical engagement with 3 oversize pawls and steel ratchet. New SRAM XD free hub with 3 bearings and Shimano with 2 bigger bearings, free hub Shimano and SRAM interchangeable without any modifications or adjustment.Freewheel compatibility 10/11 speed ShimanoTM SRAMTM CampagnoloTMA unique service for those who crashed their wheels! In case of bad luck, PROGRESS supports you by offering replacement rims for half the regular price during 1 year after purchase. As much as possible less weight. Light weight wheels provide much better acceleration and climbTitanium Reinforcement. A stronger structure that helps to resist impacts and heat generated by continuous braking.Extra Carbon Strip. Provide extra stiffness on spoke holes. Ensure the rims will not be damaged if a spoke breaks and allows a better spoke tension. Our rims are capable of withstanding a spoke force of 300kgfCarbon stabilizer. The incredibly strong Cyanacrylat composite center is the backbone of our brake walls. Makes our clincher rims 90% stronger than regular carbon rims. Basalt Brake Surface Braking process under control. More safety for riders high durability of braking area, wear will be significantly reduced. Freewheel compatibility 10/11 speed ShimanoTM SRAMTM CampagnoloTMMultilayer High Modulus Carbon with High TG Epoxy Resin. Enhance the toughness maintain the stiffness of the resin system. Resist the deformation of continuous braking.Extremely durable hand built wheel. High durability and high precision.

Front wheel

Rear wheel



3 Colors

Incl. Wheel bags, QR's, Carbon Pro brake pads