Progress news

This season their bikes will mount Progess wheels in both, competition and training.
This union will bring Progress an important achivement and international impact.

New Progress wheels in Air and A-Prime models add U-Shape profile developed and designed in the wind tunnel with a big improvement in aerodynamic


Ismael Esteban equipped with his splendid Progress Phantom CX wheels has won again the Spanish Cyclocross Championship being the fastest in the difficult track of Legazpi. This muddy and demanding track didn't make things easy for our champion who finnally could beat the other big favourite Felipe Orts.  

Felipe Orts achieved an overwhelming victory at Elorrio with Progress Phantom CX wheels. The Ginestar-Delikia Sport rider gains advantage on top of the overall Spanish Cyclocross Cup classification and takes all the options to win with just a race to go on

Fernando Alarza couldn’t consolidate ITU’s 1st position at World Triathlon Series of Hamburg due to a bike crash and catalan Miquel Blanchart didn’t find his best shape at Bolton Ironman so World Championship Kona Ironman ticket will have to wait