Progress news

Fernando Alarza couldn’t consolidate ITU’s 1st position at World Triathlon Series of Hamburg due to a bike crash and catalan Miquel Blanchart didn’t find his best shape at Bolton Ironman so World Championship Kona Ironman ticket will have to wait


Progress triathlete Fernando Alarza will try to consolidate its 1st position of ITU World Triathlon ranking on the Hamburg World Triathlon Series while Miquel Blanchart will look for the ticket to Hawaii Ironman with a podium at Bolton Ironman. 


Progress riders did a good job with a perfect performance from triahlete Jeremy Morel at Muskoka Ironman and from Pau Romero and Javier Salamero who won in their categories at the Catalunya BTT Marathon Championship


Progress cyclists made a great performance at the Masters MTB World Championships in Vallnord (Andorra) specially Núria Espinosa, 2nd in Master 40, and José Miguel Suárez, 3rd in Master 30



2018 Progress CYBER New working process of laying up a ultra-light weight carbon rim.