Warranty for PROGRESS products

¡Congratulations! You have bought one of the lightest and strongest Bike products.
All Progress products have been developed in collaboration with professional riders who rides thousands of miles a year and it should not fail. To meet the highest wheel standard, we guarantee that every one of our wheels is hand built by one of our experts.

There's nothing like a professionally hand built wheel.

The warranty period for PROGRESS items is three  (3) years from date of purchase for products purchased after 1st January 2022 and two (2) years for products purchased prior to that date, against defects in materials and workmanship. Defective products will be repaired or replaced at the option of Progress Cycles. In an event a product can not be repaired, Progress Cycles group will apply a limited credit reimbursement of defective part to the bike shop.

PROGRESS wheels use standard spokes and nipples. Any reputable bike shop should be able to help authorized retail store.

Warranty’s limitation

The warranty is non-transferable and valid to the original purchaser of the product only.
This warranty does not cover damages occurring during shipment, storage, accidents, failure to follow instructions, shocks or crashes, misuse, neglected or poorly maintained products, improper assembly or assembly with non-compatible products, normal wear and tear or modifications. Wear and tear parts are identified as: brake pads and ball bearings. Warranty does not cover brake pads and brake surface of tubular and clincher rims. This warranty does not cover shipping costs to or from PROGRESS Cycles, or PROGRESS authorized dealers.

Crash Replacement Policy

 A unique service for those who crashed their wheels!

In case of bad luck, PROGRESS supports you by offering replacement rims for half the regular price during 1 year after purchase.


Safety instructions:

  • Inflate tires with the right pressure, therefore check below or follow instructions on our web sites.
  • By puncture tire - stop immediately!
  • All Road and MTB wheels are assembled with ultra light carbon or alloy rims.  Therefore, we recommend not using metal composite brake pads.
  • Never dismount tubular or clincher tire with screwdriver.
  • Replace of ball bearings has to be done with special tools to remove and install.
  • Tubular rims, fix the tire securely to the rim with tubular cement, for carbon rims must use special Carbon Tubular Rim Cement. Before riding make sure your tubular tires are safe and well glued.
  • Check before every ride if quick releases are well tightens.

NEW AIR+PLUS U-Shape Rim max. 100psi/7B

Do not inflate over the maximum pressure and do not deflate under minimum pressure on road tires 60psi/4B mtb tires 26psi/1.8B.

Please also follow the tire makers instructions and maximum tire pressure chart

Road tire pressure:

Brake pad Setting

For wheels with rim brakes, ensure correct adjustment of the brake pads.

Adjust and fix the brake shoes in the center of the braking surface or better a little downwards.

Brake pads adjust

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