Lightweight for E‐Bike and Freeride with extra strong carbon rims.

The new EB+ wheel in 32‐millimeter internal rim width is on trend to match big tires and rider preference. With a very light 1670 gram weight, the EB+ are available to drop heavy duty Bikes weight significantly.

Extremely strong Carbon rims and a durable three‐cross laced Sapim straight pull spokes are made to resist hard impacts and highest level of riding style.

The new Nitro hub’s with oversize bearings and big diameter hub shell can stay high torque force from Ebike drive train.

What is Mullet and why?

Mullet means the mix of wheel sizes on the same bike, 29" front and 27.5" rear.
Since UCI allowed mixing wheels of different sizes on the same bicycle, many brands have joined this trend.

- More agile: A smaller rear wheel allows you to turn faster in order to avoid obstacles or do curves better, it is also much more resistant to the impacts it receives.

- Accelerates faster: If a smaller wheel accelerates faster and on the other hand, a bigger wheel keeps up better inertia. So the mix of the two sizes is perfect.

Everything is better, riding with a 29" front wheel helps you to pass obstacles easier and it pulls you to the fast sections.
27.5 rear wheel make you very agile on difficult trails and capable of accelerating the bike quickly when you need it.

Which makes this combination the best options for riders.
Wheel size:
Tubeless ready with valve and rim tape
Rims: High Modulus carbon fiber Hookless with increases impact strength and special reinforcement on spoke holes
ERD: 584mm
Profile: External width: 38mm
Internal width: 32mm
Developed for the most powerful ebikes.
Oversize aluminum hub shell 7075 including big low friction bearings.
Max load capacity with steel axle and steel drive gear.
400Nm torque tested.
NITRO CERAMIC Low friction bearings
IS6 Disc brake.

SAPIM Race Straight Pull F28/R28 double butted.
Hand Built with 14mm alloy nipples and secure lock.

Built-in Axles: BOOST: 15x110 / 12x148
Colors: Matt Black/Grey
Weight: Set: 1.740gr
Limits: Recomended rider weight limit: 115 kgs
Recomended tyre sizes: 2.30" to 2.80"
Options: Shimano Steel Cassette freehub
SRAM XD Steel Cassette freehub
Shimano MICROSPLINE Cassette freehub
Rear hub axle adapter 12x150mm
SRAM XD Cassette freehub extra strong with 3 bearings
What is included?:

2 Aluminium Valves and Tubeless tape
2 Progress wheelbags
2 Replacement spokes of every length
2 Years warranty + 1 Year 50% Rim Crash replacement).

29 Front

27.5 Rear


HI-TG Carbono Multilayer Hookless

Nitro Hub 15x110 Boost

NITRO HYBRID Developed for the most powerful ebikes

Accesories included

EB Plus Mullet - The new reference for your E-Bike

More agile, faster and more resistant.

Progress EB Plus Mullet wheels are the perfect combination to keep lightweight and improve bike performance.

Specifically designed for E-Bike, Enduro and Freeride, you will enjoy your ride like never did before.



High precision aligned bearing seats with parallel drilling technology made by high-tech CNC 5-axis machine.
100% parallel to the axis of the spindle.
Less friction more speed and longer bearing life.

PSG (Perfect Spoke geometry)

Every Progress Wheel is designed for his specific operation purpose. Our choice of rim, hubs, spokes and lacing pattern isn’t just a coincidence.
We strengthen rims at every spoke hole on each rim we develop. The spoke hole and nipple seat is perfectly aligned with hub and spoke angle.
This creates a perfect spoke geometry which allows us to use high spoke tension by an evenly and equal tension distribution. Releasing excessive stress from spokes we get long-lasting and high performance on every wheel.

ORTF (Optimized Rim & Tire fit)

Progress offers a wide range of wheels which are perfectly designed for each riding style. Every rim shape we offer matches with the need of modern tires and their installation.If you follow our rim dimensions you’ll find extra wide tire fit. Wider tires roll better, improve handling and cornering. The appearance is a perfectly integrated tire and more homogeny. Please follow our Tire Width Recommendation.

Tire Width Recommendation

To choose the correct tire sizes follow this indication.
The rim inner width in mm determines the tire diameter in inch”
We create winning wheels
World Triatlon
Enduro World Series