Lightweight for E‐Bike and Freeride with extra strong carbon rims.

The new EB+ wheel in 32‐millimeter internal rim width is on trend to match big tires and rider preference. With a very light 1670 gram weight, the EB+ are available to drop heavy duty Bikes weight significantly.

Extremely strong Carbon rims and a durable three‐cross laced Sapim straight pull spokes are made to resist hard impacts and highest level of riding style.

The new Nitro hub’s with oversize bearings and big diameter hub shell can stay high torque force from Ebike drive train.

Recommended: 160mm max. suspension travel, Tire size 2.4”-3.25”
Wheel size:
Tubeless ready with valve and rim tape

High Modulus carbon fiber Hookless with increases impact strength and special reinforcement on spoke holes
ETRTO: 27.5‐584

Profile: External width: 38mm
Internal width: 32mm
Developed for the most powerful ebikes.
Oversize aluminum hub shell 7075 including big low friction bearings.
Max load capacity with steel axle and steel drive gear.
400Nm torque tested.
Spokes: Sapim Leader F32/R32, 14mm alloy nipples secure lock and Hand Built
Available axles: BOOST 15x110 / 12x148
Colors: Matt Black/Orange
Weight: 27.5" Set 1.730gr
Options: Shimano Steel Cassette freehub
SRAM XD Steel Cassette freehub
Rear hub axle adapter 12x150mm
SRAM XD Cassette freehub extra strong with 3 bearings
NITRO CERAMIC Low friction bearings
What is included?:

2 Aluminium Valves and Tubeless tape
2 Progress wheelbags
2 Replacement spokes of every length
2 Years warranty + 1 Year 50% Rim Crash replacement).

Extra Carbon Strip. Provide extra stiffness on spoke holes. Ensure the rims will not be damaged if a spoke breaks and allows a better spoke tension. Our rims are capable of withstanding a spoke force of 300kgfE-bike recommended with Hibryd steel freehub kitHigh precision Japanese CERAMIC bearings with maximum precision and low friction increase durability. If not included price up charge EUR100€/setHOOKLESS Wider rims allowed us to use much stronger sidewalls and eliminate bead hooks. Hookless rims have much better tubeless performance, impact durability and pinch flat resistance.New Oversize hub body CNC made of AL7075 super lightweight. 3 cross straight pull for a 20% stiffer wheel and better aerodynamic performance. Super precis Japanese cartridge bearings with very low friction and bigger size for long lasting. 15mm CNC made Aluminium rear axle and free hub. Classical engagement with 3 oversize pawls and steel ratchet. New SRAM XD free hub with 3 bearings and Shimano with 2 bigger bearings, free hub Shimano and SRAM interchangeable without any modifications or adjustment. Road Nitro rear with 2:1 spoke lacing. As much as possible less weight. Light weight wheels provide much better acceleration and climbBoost 15x110mm front hub. Boost technology has an enhanced flange distance. It has many significant advantages: flatter spoke angle and improved symmetry allow building a stiffer and stronger wheel.SRAM X-Drive freehub option rear wheel hub X-Drive ready +29€Boost 12x148mm rear hub. Boost technology has an enhanced flange distance. It has many significant advantages: flatter spoke angle and improved symmetry allow building a stiffer and stronger wheel.Crashed wheels! In case of bad luck, PROGRESS supports you by offering replacement rims for half the regular price during 1 year after purchase.Cassette body compatibility 10/11 speed Shimano™ SRAM™ a Campagnolo™ without adjustment TUBELESS Ready. Rim designed for tubeless system and tubeless tires. These wheels are including tubeless tape and valves.Extremely durable hand built wheel. High durability and high precision.


38mm Carbon Rim

NITRO Boost 15x110mm

NITRO HYBRID Developed for the most powerful ebikes

SRAM XD freehub Option

SHIMANO freehub Option

Accessories included