The new Cyber’s are the fastest accelerating carbon clincher Progress has ever made.

A responsive and ultimate climbing wheelset strong enough to use on every ride.


Full carbon new generation rims. Hand built and finished by a new working process of laying up a ultra-light weight carbon rim.
A unique Ultra Smooth Carbon Fiber Molding with extremely reduced resin.
No Painting Carbon Rim – extra strong 3K Twill Carbon with more homogeneous resin filling.
Diamond Polishing Treatment - improves braking performance in wet and dry
Dynamic Balance Treatment - extra carbon on the opposite side of the valve hole to make sure the wheels are balanced.
Specific front and rear wheel design- less weight on front rim.
More durable design - with classy and beautiful Carbon finish.
Handmade - under strict an very slow working process.
3K matt finish with high resistant transfer graphics.
Limited edition and limited production.

Profile: Profile: 25mm
External width: 25mm
Hubs: Nitro Road
Spokes: SAPIM Aero CX-Ray Straight Pull, 18F and 2:1 rear wheel spoke ratio (18:6).
Hand Built with alloy nipples and secure lock.
Quick release/axles: PG-404
Colors: Black/White
Weight: Set: 1.260gr
Options: Free hub Campagnolo 10/11V compatible
NITRO CERAMIC Low friction bearings
CeramicSpeed bearings
What is included?:

Replacement Spokes.
2 Carbon Pro brake pads set
Quick releases

Extremely durable hand built wheel. High durability and high precision. New Oversize hub body CNC made of AL7075 super lightweight. 3 cross straight pull for a 20% stiffer wheel and better aerodynamic performance. Super precis Japanese cartridge bearings with very low friction and bigger size for long lasting. 15mm CNC made Aluminium rear axle and free hub. Classical engagement with 3 oversize pawls and steel ratchet. New SRAM XD free hub with 3 bearings and Shimano with 2 bigger bearings, free hub Shimano and SRAM interchangeable without any modifications or adjustment. Road Nitro rear with 2:1 spoke lacing. Cassette body compatibility 10/11 speed Shimano™ SRAM™ a Campagnolo™ without adjustment As much as possible less weight. Light weight wheels provide much better acceleration and climbCrashed wheels! In case of bad luck, PROGRESS supports you by offering replacement rims for half the regular price during 1 year after purchase.SAPIM CX aero spoke is the choice of champions and many teams at the Pro-Tour. Sapim CX-aero spokes made in Belgium have an aerodynamic advantage and unbelievably high fatigue test results. We build them into our lighter wheels to achieve durable and long lasting wheels which don’t need to be re-trued. Each Progress Wheel, hub and rim is designed with perfect spoke angle to release extra stress. Take advantage and up great your wheels with super low friction CeramicSpeed bearings. Tinkoff-Saxo announces up to 8 watts savings. +239€/6BearingsHigh precision Japanese CERAMIC bearings with maximum precision and low friction increase durability. If not included price up charge EUR100€/setDPL Brake Surface, Diamond Polishing Treatment. We are using advanced machinery & Diamond Polishing Treatment (DPL) for brake surface, allows the brake pad to work directly on 3K woven carbon fibers. This new process eliminates "run-in" periods, improves braking performance in wet and dry weather conditions, and creates much better braking performance. NEW Patented HI-TG Resin System with multilayer High Modulus Carbon. Resist heat and deformation of continuous braking up to 270ºC. We tested 380ºC at the video we show on our website “where is the limit”

Front wheel

Rear wheel

Nitro front

Nitro with 2:1 spoke lacing

Rim detail

Accessories included

3M High Reflective sticker included